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Stella Business Teams

Amazing teams standing tall in the face of adversity and encompassing resilience in all its forms. They have worked together to hold up the structure of their company or diversified the whole essence of their business to overcome the challenges that they have encountered in the last two years. Maximum of three entries per business.

The Taupō District Council Green Gang

When times are tough, it's easy to let the little things slip away, such as our efforts to protect the environment. Not for you and your team!! You are green through and through and have not let your high standards of waste management and sustainability drop regardless of the challenges you have faced. 

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The Virtual Legend

You may have tried dodging the online space, or maybe in the past you have dabbled with selling or booking online but never took it seriously. The challenges of recent years have finally forced you to up your game and enter or upgrade their virtual and online presence. You are now an online trading legend, with a customer friendly, efficient website and regular engaging, interactive social media posts that are building a following of loyal customers.

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The CAMEX Stella Survivors

Against all odds, your business is still here. While many businesses may feel that way, you had to completely reinvent yourselves to exist. Not only did you survive, you did it with grace and passion as well as blood, sweat and tears. While you knew your business could survive, you also knew things would have to change. Not just once, but again... and again... and again! You rose to the challenge, altering your operations, changing your offering, even rearranging your premises to adapt, making you the master of the pivot.

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The Love Taupō Customer Experience Masters

Despite every new change forced upon your industry, your team always put the customer first. Each touch point from the moment your customer googles you and enters your website or social media platform to when the pay their final bill is carefully thought out. Your team jumped every hurdle, keeping the customer experience front of mind with every new challenge by adapting and refining your systems in a fun and safe way.

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The Westerman's Dream Team

Others look at your team and wonder how you do it. How did you all manage to stick together in the face of adversity? You all pulled up your socks, put your superhero capes on and did what needed to be done to get through the toughest of times. and have come out the other side a strong and more formidable team.

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The More FM Community Angels

While times are certainly tough in business, your team recognise that charities are doing it tough as well. Despite all the business hurdles you have been jumping through, your team chose to support a local charity along the difficult journey. You may have donated time and/or money. You have aligned your business with this cause building a relationship that is valued by the charitable organisation.

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Amplify Star Performers

Individual team members and sole traders that shine in the face of adversity. Maximum of three entries per category per business. 

The Eco Warrior

This person is literally plagued by green guilt and never gives in when it comes to protecting the environment. They bring their own container to the sushi shop, never touch a paper coffee cup and somehow are able to run the office composting bucket while still being good at their job.

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The Team Titan

You are the stellar teammate. No one knows how you do it, but every time they turn around, you are there to help them and others in the team. They literally wonder if you can walk through walls because you seem to appear from nowhere to help, bringing your smile and encouragement with you. The go to person for everyone’s needs, even if it’s not part of their role.

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The Solo Superstar

You are a sole trader and an absolute superstar in all areas of your business. You put your customers first, ensuring they have a wonderful experience at all points along their journey with you. In person you provide friendly, efficient service as well as quality products, and you get to know your customers/clients well and behind the scenes you work tirelessly to managed your admin and finances.  You are the jack of all trades and master of the them all!  

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The Customer Service Maestro

Everyone can see it, despite the mask and social distancing. Your customers love you, and you love them! You listen, serve, pay attention to detail and are often one step ahead, knowing what your customer needs before they do.

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Please note: All judges decisions are final. Entries close Friday 8 July 2022.

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